2018 Madtown Optimist Regatta 8/6

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Maple Bluff Marina, Farwell Dr, Madison, WI 53704, USA
Aug 06 2018


MYSF Home Reggata (08/06/2018-08/06/2018)

2018 Madtown Regatta
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Additional services and fees

Extra Lunch $10.00
Extra Lunch and T-shirt $20.00


Registration period

Registration for this schedule starts on 02/01/2018 and ends on 08/06/2018.


No restriction


Farwell Dr, Madison, WI 53704, USA


Monday, August 6th

Eligibility: Skippers need not be members of ILYA. Class IOD entries shall be split into white, blue, red and green fleets accordingly as follows:

  • White Fleet (8-10 years) Helmspersons who are eight or nine or ten years of age
  • Blue Fleet (11-12 years) Helmspersons who are eleven or twelve years of age
  • Red Fleet (13-16 years) Helmspersons who are thirteen to sixteen
  • Green Fleet (5-15 years )The Green fleet is for beginner sailors. No one who has participated in past RWB Fleet regattas may compete on the Green course. In addition, no one may participate in the Green Fleet if they have previously placed in the top 5 of previous year’s green fleet regattas

Ages will be determined as of day of registration.

Schedule: Monday, August 6th

                0700 – 0830 Onsite registration.  Safety check will be performed on all boats.

     0900 Competitor’s Briefing RWB                0930 Competitor’s Briefing Green

                1000 1st Warning Signal RWB                     1030 1st Warning Signal Green

                No warning signal will be made 1500 hours.

Five (5) races are scheduled for the RWB fleet and four (4) are scheduled for the Green fleet. The races will be scheduled to best accommodate launching, fun, and lunch.

The purpose of the Madtown Regatta Green Fleet is to provide an opportunity for our beginner Optimist sailors to participate in a sailing event and for their families to learn what happens prior to attending more competitive events. The following guidelines should be considered (if in doubt, please consult your Sailing School Instructors):

 • Demonstrate the ability to sail an Optimist both upwind & downwind.

 • Willingly accept coaching and help by instructors while on the water.

 • Are not frustrated sailing with sailors who do not know the rules.

Registration is expired.